Attention: Adoptees who want answers:

Are you afraid: 

  • That something is wrong with you, that maybe you weren’t (and still aren’t) good enough?

  • To trust people, because they might abandon you?

  • That you’ll hurt your adoptive family by searching for your birth family?

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  • Moving forward with peace of mind and understanding, no longer wondering “why.”

  • Knowing for certain you are loved and cherished.

  • Feeling confident and self-assured, knowing who you are, and what your place is in the world.

  • Being free of anger, guilt and resentment, effortlessly moving forward in your life.

  • Having an abundance of safe, secure and healthy relationships.

If the word “YES” is coming up for you then self-discovery is on the ticket and I have it here just waiting for you.

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“I feel more empowered, confident and sure of my decisions.”

I began my relationship with Kathy as part of an effort to “get on track,” and working with her has been transformative for me. I was feeling as if my life was caught in a whirlwind, always running, busy, and just “doing”. I had the desire to make things happen in my life. I just wasn’t putting that desire into action.
Through my work with Kathy, I now know how to stay focused and prioritize, whether at home or in my career, and I’ve gained the sense of clarity I was seeking.
I have become more aware of my values and honor them more diligently. I’ve learned to let go, without being so hard on myself. I’m being more authentic and true to myself in my day to day life. I feel more empowered, confident and sure of my decisions.
What I love about working with Kathy is that she imposes no judgment, and is always flexible in talking through what comes up for me. She holds me accountable and nudges me out of my comfort zone. I trust her and feel that she truly cares about me.
Kathy exudes warmth, positive energy and light, and she shines all of this on you gently and lovingly so that you can see and understand yourself more clearly.
Kim – Pacific Palisades, CA


“I’ve begun to open the curtain to what I was not seeing.”

Prior to speaking with Kathy I was feeling stressed, resentful, and feeling a lack of self-respect. My relationships were strained, I felt mechanical, just moving from one task to another without being aware of what was right in front of me. I was aware that I was not honoring myself and felt a loss of the balance between my mind, body, and spirit.
Through my sessions with Kathy, I have gained 4-6 hours per week to spend on what I desire, as well as eliminated a significant amount of my stress. At work I am able to focus more than ever before and feel more in control. The feeling of having to rush from work to home has disappeared. My relationship has gained great benefits from this as well. I am, and my partner has noticed, more relaxed, less frustrated, angry, and carrying around a lot less pressure.
I knew in working with Kathy that her depth of observations, and unwavering compassion for me were a major plus. She has a strong intuition and a keen ability to get to the root of the problem. All the while her belief in my own abilities never faltered and that empowered me to trust in myself and move into action.
Through my work with Kathy I have begun to open the curtain to what I was not seeing. My connection to mind, body, and spirit is coming into balance and I am remembering the importance of loving myself.

Beth – Higganum, CT

“I now look and work towards happiness and what matters most.”

Prior to my sessions with Kathy I found myself in a dark hole, unable to dig myself out. I felt really sad, as if I was lost within myself and my brain was just not working. I was unable to truly focus and longed for happiness in my life.  
With Kathy in my corner I have begun to meet new people, I enjoy going to work each day, and have a more positive frame of mind. I am able to open up about my feelings more and more and communicate in my relationships, which provides me space to relax and breathe.
Because of my work with Kathy, I now know that I have control in my life to make decisions for myself, and that everything in my life happened and happens for a reason. I review my past experiences and pull out the lessons and opportunities from each one.
I’ve gained the ability to focus on my feelings, and create the life I want instead of reacting to what life throws at me. I now look and work towards happiness and what matters most.
Kathy helped me to learn to begin to trust more easily. She provided a safe environment for me to share my thoughts and feelings at a time when I needed to open up and talk. I looked forward to every session with her. My perspective on life is more positive than ever before.

Caitlin K. – Somerset County, NJ

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